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  • Our Repairs are Designed to Last

We’ve spent years working in the Power Window Repair business. The different types of window regulators are as vast as the different Makes and Models of vehicles. If there is a design change on the outside, you can bet there’s a design change on the inside.

We use only top quality parts that provide a 1 Year Warranty from the Manufacturer, OR, we use remanufactured Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that are stronger than Original. We use custom metal parts as well as custom repair techniques & systems to bridge the gap of Plastic Parts.

  • 1 Year Warranty – Parts & Repair

We back all of our parts and repairs with a 1 Year Warranty. We’re so confident in what we provide, we back it up in writing.

  • Professional Technicians – Specialists

When you go to a Medical Doctor, you don’t go to a General Practitioner if you have a Heart Problem.

You go to a Cardiologist. If you have a problem with your Liver, you go to a Gastroenterologist.

We’re Power Window Doctors. We specialize in the inner workings of your vehicles door. From the wiring that provides power, Switches that control movement to the Power Window Regulator and Motors. Our Diagnostic Technicians can visualize what’s going on inside your door, create a solution and provide an estimate for what it’ll take to get it fixed. Similar to your Medical Doctor visualizing what’s going on inside you, and creating a plan of treatment. (They just won’t give you an affordable cost – upfront.)

Our technicians are skilled at Automotive Power Window Repair. Don’t be surprised that the technician that does your power window repair has done over a 1000 jobs. We see 10-20 per DAY and shops only see that per year. With this kind of volume, you’re sure to get skill and a great Estimate.

Reinforced Power window Regulator
Reinforced Power window Regulator

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